Have SmartDocFinder™ power your practice's provider search

  • Convert your site visitors to appointments.
  • Integrating SmartDocFinder™ Provider Search tool is a breeze. The only input needed is a list of providers, and optionally have each provider answer a short questionnaire.
  • You can keep your current site's look and feel, as   SmartDocFinder™ Provider Search is integrated as white-label; your customers will feel that they never leave your site.
  • Backend API available to give more control to web site or mobile app developers.
  • Mobile apps are also available.
  • Low introductory monthly fee.
  • Embed  SmartDocFinder™ chatbots into your Web site and social media pages to engage patients shopping around. Chatbots can also be deployed to send appointment reminders, and collect patient feedback.
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patient traffic

Participate in SmartDocFinder™-affiliated search portals

  • Bring the right traffic to your site and practice
  • SmartDocFinder™ is expanding its national reach through carefully curated regional provider search portals, by learning the local market and establishing relationships with local providers. 
  • The regional search portals come with social media pages to increase visibility and engagement, through SmartDocFinder™ chatbots and content curation. 
  • To attract patient matches, you need to distribute a short questionnaire to your providers, to build their initial profile.
  • Unclaimed profiles are still displayed, with basic information on studies and expertise as in other provider search sites. However, the rate of patient matches will be low as potentially critical for the patient information will be missing, such as appointment hours and care style. 
  • There is no cost to the practice.


To learn more on how the patient-provider matching occurs, click here.