Let us match new patients and retain existing to your practice.

Patients, and especially those in wide networks of providers, demand choice and control.

Your practice can embrace this trend and offer the state-of-art SmartDocFinder™ patient-provider matching tools to potential patients

SmartDocFinder™ uniquely empowers patients to find healthcare providers based on their medical condition, their subjective care style preferences and other practice-specific factors, such as appointments availability.



How does it work? Two-pronged approach.

A medical group may choose one or both of the following strategies:


Have Smartdocfinder™ power your practice's provider search

Convert your site visitors to appointments.

SmartDocFinder™ cloud-based matching engine can be quickly integrated into your site's look and feel either through its API or its customizable user interface.

Achieve patient engagement by embedding SmartBot360™ chatbots to your Web site and social media pages; learn about your patients.

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participate in SMARTDOCFINDER™-Affiliated public search portals

Bring the right traffic to your site and practice

You just need to distribute a short questionnaire to your providers to complete their profile, which dramatically increases the patient matching frequency.

This is a free service.

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How are patients matched to providers?

SmartDocFinder™ employs patent-pending technology to learn the unique needs and preferences of patients, and the expertise and care style of the providers.

A proprietary matching algorithm is used to recommend the most suitable providers for each patient.

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What do doctors think of SmartDocFinder?

Here are some testimonials that we collected from our interviews with doctors, which support the need for novel patient-provider matching approaches.

SmartDocFinder understands that providers are not like restaurants when it comes to patient ratings–patients’ opinions are analyzed and combined with many other factors.
— Dr. William Craig, Family and Urgent Care Medicine 23 years at Kaiser Permanente, Riverside, CA
SmartDocFinder matches providers to patients with congruent attitudes, which makes our work so much more satisfying and rewarding.
— Dr. Asterios Tsimpas, Neurology Loyola University Health System, Chicago, IL
SmartDocFinder allows patients to learn their own care preferences, which empowers them in their care management.
— Dr. Nirav Patel, Family Medicine Urgent Care Department Chair at Beaver Medical Group, Redlands, CA

Why do patients need SmartDocFinder?

Here is a sample of patient case studies that we collected from our interviews with real patients, which support the need for novel patient-provider matching approaches. The names of the patients have been changed to protect their privacy.

Joanna is 31 years old, lives in Miami, and periodically visits an OBGYN for a routine checkup or to obtain birth control pills. She does not like it when a provider asks personal questions, such as why she needs birth control, which has happened several time in the past. Further, she has had a history of fibroids, and hence would like an OBGYN with relevant experience, such as a record of fibroid removal procedures.

SmartDocFinder™ allows Joanna to specify her preferences and conditions history, to find the best providers.
Peter is 59 years old, lives in Ohio and suffers from asthma. He believes that a combination of alternative and Western treatments works best for him, given that he has had positive experiences with breathing exercises and herbal remedies. Further, he likes to be involved in decisions on his treatment, which makes him more empowered. He moves frequently due to his job and has to visit on average three pulmonologists to find one that best matches his preferences.

SmartDocFinder™ allows Peter to express these preferences in a couple of minutes, and find the best providers for him.
Mary is 74 years old, lives in Los Angeles, holds a college degree and was recently diagnosed with lip cancer. She does not trust patient reviews as she once visited a provider with very negative reviews and had an excellent experience. Last year, she chose to visit a doctor who graduated from a top Medical School, but was very dissatisfied by the visit because he failed to adequately explain her condition or treatment.

SmartDocFinder™ allows Mary to easily specify why she was dissatisfied by a past provider, along with specifying other care preferences, such as the medical school importance or the experience on conditions relevant to lip cancer.